Our production of Pineau de Charentes, a subtle blend of our grape juice and our Cognac spirit, ages patiently in our cellars until they are ready to be sold.
Allow your eye the time to appreciate the beauty of the product and your nose the time to become exalted by its multitude of aromas.

Take a sip.
Let your taste buds discover all the flavours of Pineau then, as you swallow it, think about all the changes and developments that the product has experienced.

And then, if you already know our cellars, liberate your inner angels, who also enjoy the experience...

Bonne dégustation!

Our advice:
To best appreciate all the flavours of our pineau collection, serve them between 10 and 12°C.
They are best enjoyed during a lunchtime or evening aperitif, when the taste buds are at the peak of their abilities.
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